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The Moments that really make a difference: Micro-Moments

Hey Fellas, here we are going to tell you about a newly discovered fruit in marketing as the name suggests, micro-moments marketing, and yeah it is as delightful as the moments chocolate bar

The moments when the thoughts of “I want-to-know”, “I want-to-do,” “I want-to-go,” and “I want-to-buy” arise an urgency of satisfaction that individuals seek is automatically created. Because of this, people want immediate gratification, and they are making decisions faster than ever before. Google introduced them as ‘micro-moments’ in 2015.

This behavioral change has been created and sanctioned by the growing use of smartphones. Whether smartphone users are looking for a product or want to gain knowledge of particular topics, they not only have increased the expectations for speed, they also hasten to achieve their tasks.

What are micro-moments?

Micro-moments occur when users reflexively turn to a device – increasingly a smartphone – to act on a need to learn something, do something, discover something, see something, or buy something.

They are intent-rich moments when decisions are made and preferences shaped.

In these moments, consumers’ expectations are higher than ever. The powerful computers we carry in our pockets have trained us to expect brands to immediately deliver exactly what we’re looking for when we’re looking.

Why marketers should consider it as a game-changer?

When we act on our needs at the moment, our expectations are at a peak and our patience is at the crust. This makes the quality, relevance, and usefulness of marketing more important than ever. Since our preferences and purchases are shaped in these micro-moments – mostly on mobile -will face huge competition.

Many consumers aren’t brand committed. 90% of smartphone users are not absolutely certain of the specific brand they want to buy when they begin looking for information online.

You get a shot at your competitor’s customers. 1 out of 3 smartphone users has purchased from a company or brand other than the one they intended to because of information provided at the moment they needed it.

Your presence can drive brand awareness goals. More than half of smartphone users have discovered a new company or product when conducting a search on their smartphones.

By being there at these “moments”, your brand has the chance to address consumer needs at the perfect time and help move them along their decision journey.

How do you make maximum out of micro-moment?

The key to success goes back to understanding your customers and their needs.

  1. Identify your consumers’ “I-want-to-buy” moments.

  2. Be present in each moment of need.

  3. Deliver quality and relevant content.

  4. Make a purchase as the easiest thing they can do.

  5. Measure every moment that matters.

Most successful brands today are focusing on developing capabilities to capture their customer’s attention in these micro-moments and make their mark in the future.

Updated: 16 July 2019 #guerrilla #marketing #micromoments

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