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How to generate leads that REALLY close

I know you are leading a great startup and must have been busy the whole week, all through day and night, building your empire! Your business model, value proposition, and your product/service, everything is sorted out and you are ready to sell. This is when the major challenge comes, SELLING!

So I thought I should write something to help you figure out challenges that most startups around you are facing and some of the ways that are working best for them.

Here are some key challenges that you might face in order to scale fast –

  1. You don’t get high-quality leads
  2. You don’t get enough leads
  3. Your competition steals away your customers
  4. Your leads don’t understand your value propositions clearly

These challenges are not just limited to startups but medium to big enterprises also face them. The key here is that startups are more vulnerable, they lack funds and simply don’t have time to solve unneeded challenges.

I have compiled and created a workflow on how you can approach your market easily and become a Winner –

1) Concentrate on Market Research – I know that you have already done your share of market research (which startup guy doesn’t?) but we need to know that the markets are continuously evolving, it can change with the flick of a finger. You need to check where are your customers? Will they find your product valuable enough to buy? Can you reach out to them easily? Only and only after thorough research, which should happen at least every month, you should start thinking about your strategy.

At least he did his market research! PC:

2) Competitive Analysis – It is sad to know that many Indian startups have done little to NO competitive analysis. This is very crucial for any business because it not only gives you a heads up of what was happening in your business domain before you entered the market but will also provide you with many valuable takeaways that you can learn from your competitor’s mistakes and know how they are attracting their and your future customers.

Competition analysis will help you know your competitors better! PC: Nojoto

3) Build your customer persona – If your lead generation is the building then this is the base. Customer Persona is basically defining your customers, where they work, what they do, how much money they have, how old are they, where are they located, etc. The more you can define them, the better your customer persona and hence the better will be your targeting. You must know that this persona is basically a high-quality lead that has a very high probability to convert. So build up your customer persona very wisely.

An example of Buyer Persona

4) Make a practical strategy, set realistic goals, and use productive channels – I often meet startups that make impractical strategies, unachievable goals, and do not think of different and unconventional channels to get leads. Your strategy should be your backbone that has all your plans structured and you should follow it religiously.

Your goals should be small and achievable. I remember one of my friends was thinking to get 1 million app downloads in 6 months without any outbound marketing. When the results were not what she expected she got so disheartened that she stopped her venture altogether.

Your lead generation channels are not only limited to word of mouth or google ads. They should be personalized. In fact, everything about your company should be personalized! You can’t follow someone else’s plan and expect the same results.

Make a strategy that can achieve goals. pc: Lifehacker Quotes

5) Approaching your customers – How you reach out to your leads will define the tone and outcomes of your further conversation. Are you reaching them through outbound marketing, are they coming to your website because you are becoming a good brand, or are you providing them with some value addition when they approach you? If these are not well thought of and executed, all your market research, analysis, persona, and strategy will go in vain. Define your own way of approaching your customer. Write your emails differently, make videos that speak about you and your customers, make them feel special in your own way.

How you reach your prospects can make or break your business. pc: Insight Squared

6) Right kind of follow-up – I can’t express even express my pain when I see poor follow-ups when it’s a known fact that you gotta follow up properly. Most of my friends in sales always complain about how bad-quality their leads are when they are the ones who are not following up. By following up I don’t mean that you should call them daily and talk about sales. NO!

Your leads are humans, make a follow-up strategy on when and how to follow up. Maybe send them an article about their business that can be of value to them or just send an email asking them to connect with them when they are free after three days. Sell but in a charming way!

Do follow-ups the right way! pc: Quotefancy

So this is what I thought will be somewhat useful to you. You can always discuss with me how you can personalize your strategy and execute your plan. I am here to listen to all you have to say and arrive at solutions to your problems along with you.

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