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How You Can Generate Leads Worth a Million Dollars on Your Birthday?

On 22nd August was my birthday (so wish me on my next birthday) and I am excited about it though I am aging (and I am a woman).

Warm wishes, gifts, and cakes are the things that make my birthday an extra happy event (so please give me loads of them). And then comes special wishes on social media and LinkedIn where the story is different altogether.

Yes, yes… I am coming to the point just let me build up some base scenario. Sorry, I am a little bit dramatic and till now you might have established that.

So, what do you do when somebody wishes you ‘a happy birthday’ on social media? Do you look at the message and think – Did they take enough time to wish you? Or did they just used the templated message provided by the social media platform or our brother Google?

This is what usually happens –

Everybody: Happy Birthday!

You: Overwhelmed by the number of messages you are getting and already feeling like a celebrity, you like some posts and comment back only on those which are posted by some of your close friends.

This is how people normally respond to wishes, including me.

As I am getting older and must collect as many wishes as possible, every person who takes a little time out of their precious lives to wish me is very important.

So might not be surprised when if I say that I was overwhelmed by seeing around 350 people wished me on LinkedIn. And then I thought why not make them feel special as well?!

Something that would deliver the message across that I appreciated them taking the time to wish me.

So, I and my business partner decided to conduct an inbound guerrilla campaign. We together thought that a funny message is going to have a better impact on people because humor has the best engagement among other human emotions.

And voila the below meme is what we came up with. Although the creative was not as professional it did the job. 😉

Our Keanu Reeves, love this guy 🙂

Keanu Reeves had stolen the stage at an XBOX event and had gone viral. We took the cue from that and sent the creative above to all those who wished me on LinkedIn.

People loved it. I loved it. My neighbor’s dog loved it.

An angel investor also appreciated it and asked me where I and my team needed help in developing our products.

How were the results?

More than 350 people wished me. I replied to everybody personally. Almost everybody replied and started a conversation on my response and 17 visited my website.

9 out of them enquired more about what I did and how do I help companies. What excited me the most was that I got connected well with an angel investor!

This is how I enjoyed my birthday and also generated some good leads for my own startup.

I generated this much amount of leads when I just wanted to thank them. Imagine what you can achieve with a targeted campaign. I bet you can generate leads worth many MILLION DOLLARS in a day.

I also wrote a post on how you can generate quality leads, read it here.

How do you respond to your birthday wishes? Let me know in the comments.

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