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What in the heck is Inbound Guerrilla Marketing?

You might have heard of Inbound marketing. And if you are marketing savvy you might have even heard of Guerrilla Marketing. But what is this new term you need to know about? Well following is the story of how my team – me, Jagsir, and Rahul came up with this term – Inbound Guerilla Marketing.

On our usual work routine, Jagsir and I were at the office, discussing how one of Jagsir’s friends opened a venture named DogMyCats and how his wife did an amazing artwork in their various stores.

Jagsir: I am in love with this.(a gentle soul as he can only be happy with anything and everything)

Me(who was really impressed by the design): Woow! This is some good stuff!

Then Jagsir’s phone rang and it was our dear, sweet and funny Rahul Sir.

Rahul Sir: Kaha ho boss (Where are you, ducklings?)

Jagsir: Sir bas apke intezar me ankhe budhi hogai thi (Was waiting for you for a long time, may even be from an eternity).

Rahul Sir: Arre chuhe k bill se niklo or thoda bahar aake dekho mosam or dimag kholo.(Your brains are corrupted sitting inside, come out and let’s brainstorm).

A few moments later at the tea stall –

While sipping tea, Jagsir went quiet which usually means either he is thinking about boosting humanity or boosting business.

Gav ki roothi hui aurat; Photo by Kyle Simmons on Unsplash

Rahul(pointing at Jagsir): Are ye gav ki roothi hui aurat ki tarah kyu baitha hai? (I know you are thinking about something, don’t keep it inside just speak. Especially if it is a matter of a girl.)

Jagsir: Sir, I was thinking that there are many early-stage startups to medium size companies who do very little to no marketing. Also, many have very few ways of generating leads which keeps their sales funnel almost dry.

Me: Exactly! They are not fully able to discover and create new lead generations channels. They are just going through conventional ways that most of their previous generations adopted. These ways and strategies are not only outdated but sometimes they fail to attract customers.

Rahul: Not only this, but Boss, inme se bahut sare to paida hone hi nahi chahte. Most startups think that they can hire a marketing manager at most with a sales guy and their job is done. This is where many startups fail. They need to have an outsourced marketing team who can think and execute the strategies while they just focus on building the best product/service.

Jagsir: Their main problem is affordability. They think marketing is a huge expense and should only invest in their product or hiring talent. Marketing or reaching to their customers is always secondary in their eyes. Whereas, in this fast-moving age, one should always think from their customers’ point of view.

From my perspective, I think the fastest and the most affordable marketing that grabs the customer’s attention is guerrilla marketing. It is an unconventional way of marketing that creates a different impression in the eyes of their customers. And as Guerrilla marketing focuses on maximizing profits, it is the best way for startups to market themselves. If executed properly it could give them access to quick sales and a good investor valuation.

Rahul: But boss, guerrilla marketing is completely outbound and mostly offline. In this era, there should be a way or a technique that uses both offline and online channels to get the most out of the two. Only by optimizing these two can one startup benefit and realise its true potential.

Me: And the end result should always be that the customers are themselves knocking the company’s door and asking for solutions, not the other way round i.e. it should be completely inbound. But since guerrilla marketing is impactful and affordable, startups need to have this as well. What if we create a technique that has both? What if we have –

All together – Inbound Guerrilla Marketing! (Lol this never happened. I am just being dramatic here).

Inbound Guerrilla Marketing is an affordable strategy that maximizes your profit, not just revenues, by optimizing lead-gen channels to generate high-quality leads who become your delightful customers.

In reality, this happened –

Me: What if we have Inbound Guerilla Marketing.

Rahul: Naam thoda fancy lagra hai. But concept sahi hai boss. (You are being too fancy here drama queen!)

Jagsir (being the Mother Teresa that he is): Awesome, just awesome. Sir, ispe ajse kaam krna chalu. (Sir, let’s start working on it from today itself.)

Rahul: Ha wo to theek hai par ye chai thandi hogai tum logo k baton k chakkar me. Chalo dusri pilao ab mereko. (Boss, because all of your chattering my tea got cold. Now just shut up and bring me a new one.)

Jagsir (being the giver): Sir ek kya do pilwata hun. Bhaiya inki chai do krdo! (Sir, one is not enough I will bring two for you.)

Happy Ending…

So what did we do after this?

We are waiting for your call; Photo by Lennart Nacke on Unsplash
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